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"We must remember that we control what we view. Some accounts can push unrealistic life expectations causing increased anxiety..."

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Alexander Dorsey is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor from Inglewood, California that works with children, adolescents and their respective guardians to address their emotional needs. Alexander holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Loyola Marymount University in Psychology and Mental Health Counseling. Alexander specializes in working with clients experiencing concerns related to depression and trauma. Alexander also holds certifications to assist parents with learning behavior management techniques for their child’s emotional and mental development.


Alexander believes that teaching clients how to process and cope with their emotions allows them to flourish later in life.  Alexander has worked in community based counseling programs for 8 years to assist children and adults in underserved and at-risk communities. Alexander also owns Mending Minds Professional Clinical Counseling, a private practice that caters to African American males of all ages.

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